Increase in costs

26 Apr 2011

Dear Clients,

We regretfully announce that as of 2nd May 2011 we are forced to finally confront the remorseless rise in the cost of precious metals –namely gold and silver. We have absorbed the cost of these materials over the last five years but there now comes a time when we can no longer do so. Just since 2008 gold has increased in price 70% and silver likewise 140%. Also the UK pound shows persistent weakness against the New Zealand dollar.

Accordingly we are increasing the price of all our blowing colour glasses containing gold and silver by 15%.

Those colours are as follows:

Transparents                                                 Opals
010 Gold ruby extra                                       109 Chalcedony
011 Gold Amethyst                                        1095 Blue Chalcedony
012 Brilliant Gold                                           110 Gold pink extra 
013 Apricot                                                   112 Pale rose
014 Gold ruby                                               113 Heliotrope 
015 Hyacinth                                                 114 Purpur
016 Wine Red                                                115 Violet   
019 Gold Topaz                                             116 Lavender
060 Silver Blue Lustre                                    189 French Vanilla 
061 Gold lustre
062 Black lustre
063 Iris yellow lustre
065 Purple lustre
066 Red lustre extra
067 Green lustre
068 Clear luster
080 Photosensitive RubyInc