We prefer all orders to be faxed or sent by e-mail so that both parties can refer back to the original written order if there is an error. Don’t forget in this e-mail age to give us your physical delivery address.

Please be sure to use our code numbers for colours. Some transparent and opaque colours have the same name, but different numbers- eg. Jade Green - #’s 030 & 130. It is important to tell us whether you want rod or chip. Make sure to state the correct chip and powder sizes. Rods are not a uniform weight. We will send you as close to your ordered weight as we can. We do not break up rods to get an exact weight.

With casting crystal orders, please be clear as to whether you want billets or frit.

VAT: Please note for our UK customers VAT at 20% must be added to all prices.

Payment: We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards, but prefer Switch and connect debit cards. Visa and Mastercard attract a 2.5% surcharge. Credit accounts are subject to completion of our application forms along with trade references and years of trading.

Prices may change without notice

Check List for Ordering:

  • Physical delivery address with order?
  • If ordering blowing glasses, have you given the correct code number and whether it is rod and/or what frit size you require? With casting crystal, has the order got the correct code numbers? Is it clear whether you want frit and/or billets?
  • Visa or Mastercard number and expiry date. Have you sufficient cleared funds?

Currency Converter: www.xe.com

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